You get what you asked! We’ve surveyed our readers on Instagram on what they want us to cover in our latest post, surprisingly many wanted us to talk about our best-selling product - postnatal belly band.

Today we are answering Top 10 Questions asked by our customers. 

Question 1 / Can I wear the bengkung wrap to sleep or during meals? 

YES, you can as the tightness is adjustable. As long as you’re not feeling uncomfortable, you can wear this belly band for long hours including to sleep! 

Friendly reminder: Don't force yourself if you're feeling unwell. 

Question 2 / When can I start wearing it?

Our bengkung is suitable for both natural birth and C-section mamas. You can start wearing it right after delivery. Seek your doctor's permission if you have any doubts.

For c-section recovery, you can put on the belly band loosely as a stabilizer to help to avoid pulling your wound then move it up to apply compression on your belly as soon as you are feeling okay with it. This can be done as our belly band is super elastic and can easily adjust to meet your different needs. 

Bear in mind to cover your incision well, wear it outside your clothes. After your incision is recovered, you can wear it tighter for abdominal muscles and uterus recovery. 

You can put the belly band in your hospital bag, show it to your doctor, consult the doctor for the best time of wearing it. (That’s why we recommend you to buy it before your delivery.)

*Kindly take note of the correct wearing position, refer to the right photo or video HERE.


Question 3 / How to pick the right size? 

You can visit our official website for the size chart, alternatively chat with us on Facebook or Instagram or whatsapp, we will assist you! 

When you message us, don’t forget to mention your: 

  • How many weeks in pregnancy are you? 
  • Your current waist size and hip size in cm. 
  • Your height and weight. 

Question 4 / Should I wash it? How? Should I put it under the sunlight?

You can hand wash or machine wash the belly band. Remember to put your band in a washing bag to avoid sticking to other clothes.

No, you do not need to put it under the sunlight as the bengkung wrap itself is antibacterial. You only need to put it at a cool dry place, the band dries fairly quickly as it is super breathable. 

You can buy 2, 1 at office 1 at home to avoid bringing it here and there.

Question 5 / How long should I wear it per day?

Now, this is a tricky question, because there’s no definite answer. The time you should wear depends on how comfortable you are wearing the band. Normally, mums wear it 2-3 hours per day at the start, after a week, you can wear it longer and adjust it tighter. 

Question 6 / Can I still use it a couple months after delivery/ have miscarriage before?

You can still use our belly band even if you gave birth for some time. We would recommend you to exercise and breastfeed as well to speed up the recovery.

If you had miscarriage before, you can wear it to fasten up the process of lochia discharge.

Many mums are concerned with the time they can use this belly band is only restricted to the recovery period, but our band actually supports you during your menstruation. Put the band on when you’re having a period, it can ease your back pain and keep your uterus warm since it contains far-infrared rays to improve blood circulation. 

Question 7 / How to help belly bands last longer?

When you put off belly band, keep all velcros turned in and roll it up to prevent it from snagging with other clothes.

Question 8 / Can I slim down my hip/ pelvis?

Our belly band is wide enough to cover till your pelvic area, but it is different from a pelvic belt as it is soft one. Our belly band functions to help your uterus and muscle recovery after delivery and get back to original shape gradually, so it can be said like a slimming product.

Question 9 / My band changes in shape a bit is that normal? Why my belly band keeps rolling up?

Yes, that’s normal. The band will slightly change to fit your body curve better. Noted that this would not affect the functions of your belly band.

If you're going ot sit for a prolong period, you may want try pulling it further down a little lower over your hips when you sit down. So the end of the belly band won't keep folding up.

However, if you have doubts, approach our support team on Instagram or Facebook. 


Alright, here are the 10 most often asked questions our support team gets. I hope this helps! Comment below if you have further questions, we will answer you as soon as possible. 

Mamaway Postpartum Belly BandMamaway Postpartum Belly Band
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