Babywearing is a decision you make. There are lots of benefits for the baby and the bond between parent and baby is definitely another added bonus. But often there is a lot of thought put into the decision of babywearing. Will my baby be too attached? Is this a healthy way of upbringing my child? Can I go on with my life with my baby wrapped around me? These are some of the many questions that race in a parent's mind before taking the plunge. So we've compiled a list of 7 things you won't have to worry about with your ring sling.

  1. Baby: When a baby is an infant they need all the love, support, and warmth they can get. As much as parents would like to spend each waking moment with their bundle of joy, it is not practical. With a ring sling, you can go on with your chores with the baby.
  2. Time management: With all our commitments having a baby can appear to be overwhelming. Plus you want to spend the moments at home with your little angel. A ring sling lets you get on with your household responsibilities and the baby will be your partner in crime.
  3. Workout: Getting back to shape post-pregnancy is among the biggest challenges women face. Hitting the gym shortly after giving birth is not advisable or practical. Using a ring sling will let you carry around your baby weight, a weight that will help you get back in shape and bonding opportunities.
  4. Connection: Though nature has pre-disposed a connection between a mother and a child, this is still something that needs nurturing. Furthermore, there are an equal amount of fathers that want to get involved in a baby's life. A father and mother can strengthen their connection with the baby through a ring sling.
  5. Cumbersome carriers: Once you have a baby you are prepared to take them while you run errands as well. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with cumbersome baby carriers that might be difficult to navigate around the store or parking lot. With a ring sling, your baby is securely strapped around you and you have full control.
  6. Exposure: Your little munchkin is at a stage in their life when they observe and learn. Particularly infants tend to lie down in an area and are limited to observing their surroundings. When you use a ring sling you make the baby aware of different surroundings.
  7. Baby Digestion: Your little angel is confined to eating and sleeping and just like you they can benefit from a little bit of movement. A ring sling lets babies move along with their baby-wearing parents. This helps with their digestion.

Babywearing is a choice you make but there is no denying that there are a lot of benefits attached to babywearing. A ring sling is definitely worth your investment. So get a ring sling and stop worrying about the 7 things listed above!