“I’m a breastfeeding mum, but now I need to get back to work soon.
I still want my baby to enjoy all the amazing benefits breast milk has,
what should I do?” 

There are 2 tools you need: 

  1. Breast pump
  2. Nursing clothes 

Nursing Clothes that Suits Office Dress Code 

Most mums face the same dilemma - work & breastfeeding. Once you decided to pump at the workplace and had purchased a breast pump, here comes the second question. 


“My office has a dress code, casual clothes are not allowed.”


We hear you mama, many nursing clothes on the market has casual designs, which are great for weekend outings but not suitable for work. Mamaway has a collection of nursing office wear, long sleeves, short sleeves, top, or dress are all available. 


The following designs are popular among working mums, they look nothing like nursing clothes. Nursing openings are well-hidden as well! 


You can easily place your pump and operate with a single hand. Everything comes in handy. 

Sweat after pumping milk

While you’re lactating, your body temperature rises naturally. Therefore, you sweat while breastfeeding/ pumping. 

“I don’t like the sweaty feeling after pumping.”

“My office has really strong air-con, whenever I re-enter the room after pumping, I can feel the cloth sticks on my skin. It is very annoying.”


If you face a similar situation, we strongly recommend you to try our COOL DRY nursing collection! Same office style design, made with moisture-wicking fabric.


We also suggest pregnant women with high body temperature to try out this collection. All of our nursing clothes are also maternity clothes. Buy one early on, enjoy both features fully.  


Mamaway has a wide selection of wide selection of 2 in 1 maternity + nursing clothes. You can easily find something for outing, sleeping, or working. Wear something that’s comfortable, wear something that suits your need, most importantly, wear something that makes you pretty & jolly.