Getting back in shape post-pregnancy is among the biggest challenges and most important matters for new moms. Not just getting back in shape, you also do not want belly fat sagging, and this can be tough. If you are a new mom you desperately want your abdominal muscles to go back to their tight former self. These muscles however have no idea where they should go and need a support mechanism. How can you provide your muscles with the support they need? Just three words: postnatal belly bands. Even with postnatal belly bands, there are variations, let’s discuss double strap and single strap postnatal belly band.

There are a variety of belly bands in the market with a variety of different features. As a shopper, you are perpetually confused. We have tried to make your life easier. You may find this helpful if you are confused about which to choose between a double strap and a single-strap postnatal belly band.

First, let’s take a look at what single strapped postnatal belly bands have to offer.

  • Support: As mentioned earlier, support is the key feature of any postnatal belly band to help you in getting back to shape. Single strapped postnatal belly bands support your weak abdominal muscles and make them tighter and stronger. They also support your back and help you with your posture.
  • Recovery: The pressure caused by compression of your muscles while using a single strapped postnatal belly band increases your blood circulation and helps your body heal faster. The firmness of the postnatal belly band also helps make your uterus contractions bearable.
  • Flexibility: Since you will use your postnatal belly band for extended periods of time, flexibility is a must. It helps you to feel comfortable and allows you to move naturally. As a result, you can wear your belly band whenever you want. With some postnatal belly bands, you can even wear it while sleeping.
  • Reduces aches and pains: Constantly picking your baby up, puts a lot of pressure on your back. Especially a back that has sustained childbirth and nine months of pregnancy. Using a postnatal belly band will reduce back pain.

A double strap postnatal belly band offers all of the above and a little extra!

  • Customization: Just as you are unique, your requirements are unique too. A double strap belly band will help you to provide extra support and required reinforcement to the areas that need the most attention. You can give your body the extra care it needs during postpartum recovery.

Although a double strap postnatal belly band might feel like a little bulkier investment in comparison to a single strap postnatal belly band, the additional feature is definitely worth it. There are lots of brands out there but be sure you make an informed investment. Get a product that will provide you with the required support in the right areas.

Reduce your waistline comfortably, with a double-strap belly band!