Wanting to create more bonding time with your baby?

Wanting to raise your children to possess trust and a sense of security? 

Wanting to learn more about your baby’s cue? 


Long story short, using a baby sling might solve all the inquiries listed above. 

Childhood Shapes Adulthood 

According to attachment theory, children are classified into secure, anxious, and avoidant attachment. Children’s attachment style is based on their interaction with parents. If parents show they’re responsive to the baby’s need, the baby is more likely to develop a secure attachment style. 

Secure Attachment Style Benefits 

  • They have better relationships with peers, siblings, and others. 
  • They are able to seek help when needed. 
  • They trust others. 
  • They have a more positive mindset. 

Baby Sling VS Attachment Theory 

When using a baby sling, you and your baby are having skin-to-skin contact. Your baby feels safe during the intimate moments as he/she is listening to your heartbeat. You are also able to notice and fulfill the baby’s physical and emotional needs as soon as possible. 

Baby feels much more secure when his/her needs are responded to. As time passes by, you will notice you’re able to “speak” your baby’s cues faster and more accurately and your baby developed “trust” in you and the broader world. In the future, your child will more likely to grow into an emotionally stable person, and form positive relationships with others. 

Photo by Ana Tablas on Unsplash