Eating more does not necessarily mean you will have a healthier baby, here’s why. 

Average pregnancy weight gain 

According to Medicine Doctor (MD) Yasmin Holsey, women with normal BMI should gain 11-14 kg during pregnancy, while women with greater BMI should gain around 7 kg. 

Eating too much might make you gain way far beyond the recommended average weight and face the risks listed below. 

  1. Your weight impacts your baby’s.
  2. Your baby will grow larger with a higher sugar level.
  3. Your baby might have child obesity in the future.
  4. You might experience gestational diabetes and higher blood pressure.
  5. Higher miscarriage risk.
  6. There is a higher chance you need a C-section.
  7. Natural birth might not be an option since it will be too dangerous. 

Here are some rules to follow to prevent the above from happening: 

  1. Follow your doctor’s recommendation in weight gain during each trimester.
  2. Track your weight and diet.
  3. Show your dietary journal to your doctor if needed.
  4. Eat nutritious meals.
    Fresh veggies, fruits, & meat are better than processed food, pressed juice, microwave meals. 

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