During pregnancy and after-pregnancy period, women have to bear plenty of discomfort and pain. These problems subsist because of the numerous changes a woman experiences in her body while making it ready for the baby’s delivery. Many parts of your body that are changing, like your breasts and maternity and nursing bras are a great product for comfort through these changes. But, the million dollar question is, how many maternity and nursing bras should you own?

Maternity and nursing bras

A maternity bra is a type of bra that gives support and comfort to the woman’s sensitive and growing breast. With features like wider straps and no underwire, it makes sure that the breasts receive maximum comfort. A nursing bra is a type of bra that allows lactating women to easy breastfeed. Its features include zips and wider covering, specially designed to allow women to breastfeed their babies without removing the bra.

Maternity and nursing bras during the first six months of pregnancy

During the first six months of pregnancy, you won’t need a nursing bra. You will, however, need a maternity bra. In just about eight to ten weeks of pregnancy, you might experience your breasts increasing by a cup size. Cup size changes are different for everyone but 2-3 cups increase is very common. This means that your breasts are going to get bigger and more sensitive and to cope with this change, maternity bras are best.

To begin with, get two maternity bras. Make sure these bras are size-adjustable and will fit properly without hurting even if your breasts increase even more. Two bras are recommended to switch when one is in the wash. In case of difficulty while sleeping, which a lot of pregnant women complain about, get two maternity sleep bras. These are great because they do not suffocate, and work throughout pregnancy and even during early stages of motherhood.


Maternity and nursing bras during the last three months of pregnancy and after pregnancy

If the maternity bras you purchased during the first six months of pregnancy are size-adjustable, you might not have to buy any more maternity bras later on.

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, buying nursing bras is a great option. For the nursing period, your nipples will become extra sensitive, so it is important to get soft to the touch and comfortable bras to ensure a comfortable breastfeeding experience. Get two nursing bras after six months of pregnancy to ensure good support and comfort even during breastfeeding. Above all the best choice is a 2 in 1 maternity and nursing bra for comfort and support through it all.

How many bras in total?

Maternity: Two to start with because your breasts will grow gradually. After six months, you may want to get another two as this will be the size for breastfeeding as well)

Nursing: Three (can include the maternity bras you have purchased if the size still works). One for the day, one at night as a sleep bras (it is easier to hold the nursing pads), and one spare in case you don’t have enough time for laundry. So, the magic number is three and this is the bare minimum, of course. So, this number might change according to your breast size, your level of comfort and the amount of support you require.