Being a parent is a delightful experience and there is nothing more delightful than spending precious moments close to your bundle of joy. A ring sling makes cuddling and babywearing easy and practical. Your bundle of joy can enjoy the warmth of being wrapped around you, while you get to go on with your business. Studies have shown that increased mother child bond and could reduce the chances of post-natal depression. A ring sling helps nurture the mother child bond. So, for all eager mommies and daddies out there,getting a ring sling is the first step. The next step is figure out ways to use your ring sling. To get started, below please find a list of ring sling wearing options

If you just unwrapped your Mamaway ring sling then the first thing you need to do is to understand how the ring sling works:

Once you’re comfortable it’s time to start cuddling with your newborn

Let’s get a little creative and you can hold your newborn in a Koala position, a favorite with our Australian mommies and daddies:

Are you worried your little one is a little too big for the Koala position? You can actually hold you toddler (up to 110 pounds) in a Koala position as well:

If you’re in the mood to try something else then you can try the Kangaroo position:

Babywearing can be a great way for parents and babies to bond. But it’s important to understand the ways of babywearing and play around with it a little to find a method that fits you. Mamaway ring slings have been a favorite of mommies and daddies internationally for over a decade. So, it’s time to start babywearing and the Mamaway videos above can help you get started. For further details on our ring slings, maternity products and fashion wear please visit