What is parentese? 

Also known as baby talk, parentese refers to the unique way elders talk to children. Usually, it has the features of sing-song, high-rising tone, simpler word choice and grammar use. 

For the sake of language development, should I just talk normally? 

Parents worried that speaking baby talk might hinder toddlers’ language development. Worry not. New research (2020) done by Learning & Brain Sciences located at the University of Washington revealed that the use of parentese contributed positively to children’s language skills. 

Invite Your Baby to Talk

Using parentese poses chances to make your baby respond. Communication is a social act, through the interactions back and forth, babies are able to gradually build up their understanding of language use, for instance, the amount of vocabulary they understand. 


The same research also discovered that parents who utilise parentese compared to those who don’t, their 14-month-old babies perform better in “babbling” and producing “words”. 


We encourage you and your family to talk to the baby more often. Promote interactions and communication, make the baby learn through socialising. This will also improve the baby’s comprehension skills. 


Talk to the baby when you're carrying him/her around with a sling!