I started leaking when my baby boy is crying, which is perfectly understandable. But I also started leaking breast milk when another’s baby is crying?!” 


Yes, that’s a situation many of us face, and that’s normal. Baby cries, breast milk starts leaking, this is called the let-down reflex. Baby’s cry is one of the triggers of the let-down reflex. Other mums could start leaking when they see their baby’s photo, or when they hear their baby’s voice through the phone. 


This is very awkward because it shows on my clothes. Everyone at the mall now knows I’m a breastfeeding mum with water stains around my breasts area.” 


That’s quite an embarrassing situation, but it can be solved easily. You just need to stick breast pads on your bra to prevent people from seeing your milk leaking. 

Breast Pads Functions

  1. To draw excess breast milk out.
    It will keep your bra and clothes clean from the outside. Your skin also stays dry. 
  2. Inhibit bacterial growth.
    Breast milk is very nutritious when it stays on your cloth, bacteria start to grow. Therefore, you need a pad to absorb the nutritive liquid. 

Qualities of Good Breast Pads 

High-quality breast pads are able to wicks away moisture instantly, your skin stays dry and comfortable, so does the surface of the pad that stays on your breasts. The material should be soft and gentle, minimizing any kind of skin irritation. The pads should stick on your bra stable, it shouldn’t move or fall off when you’re breastfeeding or pumping. 


Mamaway’s breast pads use instant dry technology on the absorbent core. Together with the unique anti-leakages design, our breast pads never backflow and could successfully soak up the moist straight away. Your skin remains fresh and dry.  

Mamaway selects the material used carefully, we are proud to say that our breast pads use hypoallergenic material which inhibits bacterial growth, it has a soft and gentle feel, which would not cause further harm or irritation on the fragile nipple skin. 

Our extra-wide adhesive stripes keep the pads in the right place. No need to worry when you’re breastfeeding or moving. 

How often should I change the breast pads? 

Every 2-3 hours. How often you’re changing the menstrual pads then often you should be changing your breast pads. 

How long can 1 pack of breast pads last?

One pack could last around 1 week. We recommend you to buy 1 month supply straight as breast pads are one of our best sellers. 

Can I stick the pads on my crossover bras? 

Of course you can. You can also stick them on your seamless bras.