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Good time to start using a Postnatal Belly Band?

Good time to start using a Postnatal Belly Band?

The happiness of being a mother is immense, but pregnancy and giving birth is an experience and comes with its own set of challenges.Getting back in shape starts post delivery for mommies is one of the most challenge. Of course, the joy of holding on to your little one cannot be matched by anything else for most new moms. Getting back in shape post-pregnancy, however, is something that requires patience and perseverance. The good news is that there are products like the postnatal belly band that can help you get back in shape post delivery. So, when can you start using a postnatal belly band?

Some of the common problems that affect mothers are:

  • Frequent stomach cramps/ uterus contraction
  • Spine curvature
  • Back ache
  • Swollen feet
  • Sore joints

How can you get your pre-pregnancy body back?

As a new mother you will require a lot of rest and time to fully recover and regain your pre-pregnancy body but with baby and household chose, getting enough rest is impossible at times. That’s where a postnatal belly band comes in handy. A postnatal belly band can be used while you engage in household chores and it will help you to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

How soon can I start wearing the postnatal belly band?

This depends on your delivery procedure and type of postnatal belly band you intend on using. A new mom can use a postnatal belly band right after giving birth. But for women that undergo cesarean, most doctors recommend the use of support equipment like the postnatal belly band after about a week of delivery, to allow the wound to heal.

Is a postnatal bellyband worth the investment?

Yes, it helps you regain your pre-pregnancy body and comes with the added benefit of providing support during the recovery process. As, the uterus increases in size during pregnancy, stomach cramps / uterus contractions take place to help the uterus shrink to its normal size. These contractions last up to the sixth week after delivery. A mother’s spine also curves gradually, as her belly increases in size during pregnancy. The change in the shape of the spine can be very uncomfortable and agonizing for new moms. A postnatal belly band provides support and helps the uterus and spine heal. Also, postnatal belly bands are soft and tight enough to ease the pain of cramps.

Are postnatal belly bands difficult to use?

Looking after your newborn is and exciting and hectic, so a new mom will not have the energy to spend a ridiculous amount of time on a postnatal bellyband. A post belly bands that is easy to use is exactly what a new mom needs for a hassle-free recovery.

Are postnatal belly bands uncomfortable?

The comfort of a belly band depends upon its quality. While choosing a belly band, make sure it is flexible enough to allow you to move comfortably.

Finding the right postnatal belly band can be challenging but this is not something you want to compromise. The perfect postnatal belly band is a blend of flexibility and rigidity. It should be elastic enough to permit moving easily and firm enough to be supportive. Make sure you choose a durable postnatal belly band to resist minor wear and tear. With the right postnatal belly band you will be able to achieve your original figure with ease and comfort. So hurry and make sure you invest in the right one!


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