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Questions about Mamaway Maternity & Nursing Bra? We got Answers!

We’ve collected Top 5 most frequently asked questions from our customers. We hope this post could help you know more about our iconic Maternity & Nursing Bra!


Question 1. How do I pick the right size?

We have a size chart for you to convert your usual bra to our maternity bra. If you still don’t know which to pick, contact our friendly Support Team on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram


Please provide our customer service with your: 

  1. Current underbust in cm 
  2. How many weeks pregnant are you OR When did you deliver your baby


Question 2. Why do I need a new bra during pregnancy? 

That's because your body will transform, your bust and underbust will grow large when you get pregnancy and when you breastfeed. It's vital to support your breasts with the right bra to avoid getting saggy breasts after you stopped nursing.  


Question 3. How do I wash it? 

Just put it inside a laundry bag, then put it in your washing machine.
Don’t bleach, don’t tumble dry. 

Tip: Take the pads out so the pads and the bra could dry faster. 


Question 4. So many kinds of bras, how to choose between them? 

Here are 3 pictures to help you choose the right bra if you’re still unsure contact our support team online. 





Question 5. Why do I need a maternity bra? Can’t I just wear my normal bra, or even, don’t wear anything at all?

Your body is going to transform along your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Your underbust and bust are going to grow as you get more pregnant. When you start nursing, your breasts will grow large when they’re full of milk, and get small after you expressed the milk. 

Do you think normal bras could support you between the changes well? No, because they are not designed for pregnant women, so they wouldn’t fit your needs. Continue wearing bras that are way too small could pose negative effects to your breasts and block your blood flow.  

Ever thinking about not wearing a bra at all? You can do that at night or at some days, but please, not every day, don’t make it normal. Why? Because your breasts need adequate support, without support Cooper’s ligament will stretch, and as time goes by your breasts will become saggy. 

Also, your nipples will actually become more sensitive after delivering your baby. Wearing a bra made with soft gentle fabric could make your nipples more comfortable. 




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