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Top 10 Things You Should Avoid during Pregnancy

Dear all moms-to-be, since you may experience an increase of hormonal changes: including estrogen and progesterone to help your baby develop, your body undergoes big changes which you have never experienced before. It’s time to learn more about the changes and think twice of these pregnancy no-no lists.

  1.     Teeth whitening

Please skip it during pregnancy. Since your hormonal changes may cause your sensitive gum and gum bleeding, it is better to avoid any complicated but non-emergency dental work like teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures and wait after delivery.

  1.     Sauna

Although no direct studies show that sauna is harmful to pregnant women, you should pay attention to the risks of dehydration and overheating. When you have sauna, your body temperature will rise again and you may feel faint due to less blood flow and hormonal changes.

  1.     Hair dye

It is safe to dye your hair in most researches. However, there is some research showing the harmful chemicals used in hair dye are bad for your growing fetus. For your safety, it is encouraged to schedule hair dye at the second or third trimester when baby’s organs are fully developed.

  1.     Botox or Dermal fillers

Most studies show no harm of botox and dermal fillers which are known to remove wrinkles and spots and lift up your chins, cheek  and jawline during pregnancy. However, considering that the safety of using botox and dermal filler therapy for pregnant moms has not been approved and tested till now, we encourage you to talk with your doctor before having botox or dermal fillers. Otherwise, try to change your lifestyles with a balanced diet and stop smoking for a healthier facial skin.

  1.     Massage

Lying on your belly or belly massage when you are pregnant is not encouraged especially during the first trimester. Instead, you can try some acupuncture. It is encouraged to look for a qualified acupuncturist to avoid certain acupuncture points which may trigger contraction and are considered to be unsafe during pregnancy.

  1.     Radiation

Pregnant women should not have X-rays to protect themselves and lower the risk of exposing your growing baby to radiation, and even birth defects and cancer developing. Your doctor may advise you to have an X-rays after delivery if the treatment is not emergent. 

  1.     Pain relievers

When you get pregnant and have any discomforts caused by hormonal changes, you should not take medicine without a doctor's prescription to lower any potential risks to you and your baby. Remember to check with your doctor before taking any medications or pain relievers.  

  1.     Alcohol and cigarettes

Drinking alcohol should be avoided if you are pregnant as it can be harmful to your growing baby, affecting your baby’s cognitive and physical development, especially during the first trimester.

  1.     Caffeinated food and beverages

Only 200mg per day of caffeine or other caffeinated beverages are allowed and considered safe for pregnant moms.  Strictly follow the caffeine intake which doctors suggest as it is better safe than sorry.



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