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About Mamaway Products

About our nursing clothes

When you have a newborn baby, each feed just seems to roll into the next. You will need nursing clothes or bra that can breastfeed your baby in 1 second. Our nursing clothes (also maternity clothes) design to fulfill maternity & nursing mother's needs. With the special opening design, all mother who wearing our nursing clothes allows to breastfeeding their baby discreetly and easily. There will no need to look for a nursing/ breastfeeding room or put on fiddly nursing covers anymore. >> Learn more 

About Mamaway Nursing Clothes Opening



About our bedding & pillow

Baby bedding and pillow are very important as newborn baby spend 18 hours sleeping each day. Therefore, a baby will have long hour attaching and contacting with the bedding or pillow. Our bedding aims to solve parents problems especially for those babies who suffering allergic and eczema problems. Not only antibacterial, our bedding also using the medical grade materials which are more safe for your baby.   >> Learn more 
About Mamaway Bedding & Pillow

About our baby sling

2018 Award-winning - BEST baby sling carrier in Malaysia. An all-round baby carrier to comfortably and safely carry your baby, from newborn till they no longer wish to be carried. The perfect sling for hands free snuggles, getting things done while out and about, settling your baby and breastfeeding easily and discreetly. >> Learn more 

About Mamaway Baby Sling



About our maternity & nursing bra

Antibacterial cups that support your changing breasts which is wireless, and so comfortable, it feels like you're wearing nothing. Stretches up to 3 cups while providing great structural support, this bra also comes with removable padding and one hand drop down clips for easy nursing.  >> Learn more 

Mamaway Seamless Bra