A baby is precious and each moment spent with baby is to be cherished. This is where a ring sling comes in handy. Despite all the craziness in the house, parents and baby can enjoy the warmth of each other by babywearing through a ring sling. With matters involving baby, it is always better to be a little extra conscious. So, understand the importance of the fabric of your ring sling.

As the name suggests the ring and the sling are the two different parts of a ring sling. The type of ring is important, but that is something that’ll be discussed in another post. This post will address the concerns about the fabric of your ring sling.

Getting the right ring sling can help you enjoy countless babywearing moments together with baby. To make your life easier, here is a list of things you should consider while short-listing an ideal ring sling:

  • Strength of your ring sling fabric: The first and foremost consideration is the sturdiness of your fabric. As a parent you want to choose a ring sling with a strong and sturdy fabric to ensure baby is safely snuggled in your warmth.
  • Texture of your ring sling fabric: A super high maintenance fabric of your ring sling is the last thing you want to worry about with your busy schedule with baby. Stick with 100% cotton fabrics that are easy to maintain and great for all seasons. Above all cotton fabric is sturdy and keeps baby from slipping off the ring sling.
  • Thickness of your ring sling fabric: While you want to make sure baby has a safe babywearing experience; you don’t want to deal with heavy weight fabrics. There is nothing better than a light and sturdy ring sling fabric. This way baby is safe and you don’t have worry about carrying excess weight around.
  • Tail of your ring sling fabric: Given that your ring sling can be used while nursing in public, the tail is important to provide privacy. Make sure your ring sling has a tail that is long enough to maintain your privacy during you breastfeeding session on the go.
  • Length of your ring sling fabric: Often times there is more than one caregiver interested in babywearing. This is when the size of your ring sling is important. Given that ring slings are a free flowing cloth tightened and loosed by a ring, the length of your fabric is important for a one size fits all ring sling.

So whether it’s new parents looking into getting a ring sling or friends and family looking for a gift for new parents, ring slings are good choice. But like any other baby product, when you consider a ring sling it is important to assess the various factors that contribute towards the make of the product. The fabric of a ring sling is among the most important parts of a ring sling. Make sure you do your homework and get a ring sling that will help you make countless memories with baby.