Prenatal Yoga Poses That May Help in Labor

You may know that prenatal yoga is beneficial for both you and your baby. Those low-impact yoga poses may help relieve your pregnancy-related discomforts like back pain, indigestion, or stress by stretching and strengthening your muscles. What is more, it is a great chance to listen to your body by having meditation and breathing. It is not only a physical form of exercise but also brings you mindfulness of how your body changes during your nine-month pregnancy.

When you are planning to have easier labor, you may practice regularly certain yoga techniques which may help to open your hip or relax during your last trimester. Make sure to talk to your OB-GYN doctor before you start practicing yoga. Below are some recommended yoga poses that may be useful during your labor.

#1 Garland Pose (Malasana)

This squatting pose is a great pose that you should practice every single day in your third trimester. It helps to open and tighten your hip and allow perineum to stretch and relax which may help during your pushing period. Also, you may feel the tension from hips to feet is relaxed.

#2 Cat-cow Pose

If you suffer from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), it’s time for you to try this pelvic floor exercise to strengthen your kegel muscles. It can help to turn the baby to the correct position too. You may feel the muscles of your neck, back, and spine are deeply stretched. Also, it improves the circulation of spinal fluid and blood.

#3 Warrior I

This pose helps to stay focused on your upper body and maintain balance. When you open up your chest, it gives space for the growing uterus.

#4 Warrior II

It is a standing posture to strengthen your thighs and core. It may be challenging for you to strike a balance but it helps to relieve your back pain during pregnancy. Seek for extra support when you find it is hard to balance yourself.

#5 Bridge Pose

Place your arms by your side and make sure your buttocks are lifted a few inches from the floor. It is a great way to strengthen your legs

#6 Downward Facing Dog

This technique can help to release the stress at your back of legs and lower back since both of your legs become tight during late pregnancy.

#7 Child Pose

It is a resting pose that you may need during labor contractions.

#8 Meditation Pose

Relax all your muscles and focus on every inhalation and exhalation as deep as you can. You may find that you can slow down your mind and let go of all your pressure when you focus on your deep breath.

Make sure you are comfortable when you are stretching. Remember to stop when you feel any discomfort. Practice for 10-15 minutes a day at your last trimester and practice a deep breath during each pose. Slow down your pace and listen to your body.

Keep healthy, be happy!


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