Regular exercise can boost our health, block some negative thinking and distract us from daily troubles, as do pregnant moms. Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? Of course, moms! Instead, moderate exercise may benefit your baby with less body fat and better heart according to studies. As a pregnant mom, you can choose some pregnancy exercise program and discuss with an OB-GYN doctor. Here are the benefits to expecting moms.

1. Control weight gain

Some moms may start to “eat for two” during pregnancy and end up gaining too much weight. Exercise can maintain your weight gain during pregnancy and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure.

2. Reduce pregnancy problems

Some pregnancy problems like constipation, back pain, bloating can be eased by strengthening the muscles and improving circulation. Also, you can sleep better when your posture is improved and your energy is worked off through exercise.

3. Make your labour easier

When you enter the third trimester, you can start with pelvic tilts and floor exercises to prepare for your delivery. By strengthening your cardiovascular system, you will have more endurance and stronger muscles when going to deliver your baby. According to some studies, you may have shorter labour and less exhaustion during labour.

4. Boost your mood

You may feel less energetic during pregnancy. Try regular exercise now, you can gain more energy every day. When your self-image is improved, you may become more confident and happy to deal with body changes.

8 types of recommended exercise

Expecting moms are encouraged to remain active at least 30 minutes per day or at least 3 times per week. If you rarely exercise, you can start with 10-15 minutes per day. Avoid strenuous activity, try some cardio exercises to improve your blood circulation, muscle tone.

1. Walking

Walking is the safest and easiest way to be listed in your daily schedule. Please stretch well before you start and wear a pair of sneakers with good support.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a good exercise without putting much pressure on your joints. As your center of gravity may shift during pregnancy can cause falling, you feel good in the water as you feel lighter and more relax as your baby floats along with you. No need to worry you might fall. Also, you may feel cooler staying in the water.

3. Jogging

Keep jogging if you have this habit. If you did not run before, start it slowly and discuss it with your doctor to have a better running plan. Drink water regularly and avoid overheating if you stay outdoors.

4. Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga classes are encouraged. You can stretch out your muscles and improve your flexibility. It is more fun and relaxing to have yoga with other expectant moms. Avoid overstretching or laying on your back for a long period.

5. Stationary cycling

A stationary bike is encouraged which supports your body weight well with less pressure on your body. What‘s more, it helps raise your heart rate and decreases the risk of falling.

6. Weight lifting

Use light weights and repeat it many times. It can increase your muscle tone during pregnancy. Remember to stretch when you finish weight lifting.

7. Aerobics

Low-impact aerobics will benefit your heart and lung, maintain your balance. Talk with your instructor and try some suitable movements which can meet your specific needs.

8. Pelvic tilts and squatting

When you enter the third trimester, you can try some pregnancy exercises which prepare your body for delivery. Squatting may help to open the pelvic outlet while pelvic tilts can strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Wear loose-fitting and dry cool clothes and yoga pants for exercise. Put on a good supportive bra to protect your sensitive breasts. Also, only exercise at least one hour after dining. Always remember to warm up before exercising. As your ligaments relax during pregnancy, be careful when exercising. You should stop exercising if you have dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, contraction or vaginal bleeding.