How to choose a good nursing bra for breastfeeding?

Why a nursing bra is so important? A good nursing bra is a must for a successful breastfeeding experience, and it makes your “heavy” breast more comfortable. One of the ways to make your pregnancy and nursing life easy is to get a suitable and properly fitted bra.

Why a good nursing bra is a MUST during your pregnancy and maternity period? During the pregnancy period, our rib cage size is changing from time to time; it is getting bigger along with the growing belly. After your birth or laboring, the milk supply will increase dramatically, which a regular bra may not be as comfortable because the nursing breast tends to change sizes throughout the day. A fitted nursing bra will make you feel amazing and it provides your body great support at the same time.

Most of the women experience changes of breasts size; they are larger when full up with milk; and much smaller after breastfeeding or breast pumping. A good nursing bra is designed with stretchable fabric, and they accommodate well with the changes of our breasts size, and this enables movement in the breast as it produces milk. A seamless bra is much recommended, and make sure the stretching of the clothes is able to change or adapt with the changes of your breast and cage size.

Key factors to consider when choosing a nursing bra : 

  1. The Right Fit: A nursing bra should fit you perfectly. A bra that is too tight can lead to clogged milk ducts, discomfort, and even mastitis, while one that is too loose won’t offer the support you need. It’s advisable to get professionally measured to ensure you’re wearing the correct size, as your breasts may change during the breastfeeding journey.
  2. Easy Access: A nursing bra should provide easy access for breastfeeding. Look for bras with one-handed clasps or drop-down cups that can be easily maneuvered when it’s time to feed your baby. The convenience of opening and closing the bra with one hand can be a game-changer, especially when you’re holding your little one.
  3. Comfortable Fabric: Considering that you might wear a nursing bra for extended periods, comfort is key. Opt for bras made from breathable, stretchy, and soft fabrics. Look for bras with a cotton lining to prevent irritation and allergies, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Supportive Design: Support is crucial, especially in the early postpartum days when your breasts are at their fullest. Nursing bras with wide, adjustable straps and an underband that provides ample support can help reduce strain on your back and shoulders.
  5. Versatility: Choose a nursing bra that can adapt to your changing needs. Some styles come with adjustable straps and bands to accommodate fluctuations in breast size. This versatility ensures your bra remains useful as your body transitions through different stages of breastfeeding.
  6. Style and Design: Just because it’s a nursing bra doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Many brands offer nursing bras in various designs and colors, allowing you to feel confident and beautiful during this special time in your life. Having a few different styles can also be practical, as you may need a sports nursing bra for activity or a lacy, more elegant one for a special occasion. 
  7. Durability: Nursing bras are subject to frequent washing and wear, so durability is vital. Look for bras with high-quality stitching and materials that can withstand repeated use without losing their shape or support.

Mamaway Antibacterial Seamless Bra has claps that enable you to use one hand to discreetly open the cup is very important, this will allow very quick access for breastfeeding when your little baby is hungry. When you are looking for a nursing bra, make sure the clasp is easy to open just by using one hand; it will be easy to manage while having another hand holding your baby. 

Other than that, remember to get a sleeping nursing bra, a sleeping nursing bra with a crossover design is very much recommended. This design is great for nighttime nursing or just for lounging around at home. It is very convenient and comfortable; just simply pull the clothes under your breast, to have your baby breastfeed.

An anti-bacterial and anti-odor material is also recommended, when milk production ramps up, you might experience leakage or something even worse when your baby threw up on it. A real anti-bacteria nursing bra makes you feel refreshed in every of your maternity and nursing day!

If you have a limited budget, avoid buying plenty of Non-suitable bra, get a few right and comfortable bra, this will makes your pregnancy and maternity life easy! A good bra will be able to adapt to your breast size changes.


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