Responsive, Second Skin, Ultra Light, and Crossover. Which fits me?

Struggling to choose the right bra? Here’s a quick guide. 

Choose according to MATERIAL: 

Choose according to TYPE:


  • Antibacterial 
  • Extra stretchable & supportive
  • With pads 
  • When? Outing/ normal occasions 
  • Who? Mums with bigger breasts/ who likes extra breast lifting and support

Ultra Light 

  • Antibacterial 
  • Super breathable 
  • With sewed-in pads 
  • When? Outing/ normal occasions
  • Who? Mums who sweats a lot/ who hate the fabric sticking on your skin/ who likes to wear tighter bras 

Second Skin 

  • Non antibacterial
  • Normal fabric 
  • With pads 
  • When? Outing/ normal occasions 
  • Who? For mums who doesn’t have any specific needs.

Crossover Bra 

  • Padded and non padded available 
  • When? Best for sleeping/ at home. 
  • Who? Every mum (hospital bag essential). 

You can stick breast pads on ALL of our bras. 

Comment below if you have further questions choosing. 
Which one is your favourite?



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