How to choose a good pram liner?

The hot weather is slowly building up, toddlers are bathing in sweat no matter whether they are in a pram or in a car seat. It is no surprise that all kinds of cooling, breathable pram liner are getting more popular in the hot season!

However, do you really know what kind of product suits your baby the best?

The Fascinating Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)

Brown adipose tissue, different from the white fat that we’re familiar with, produces heat, and are mostly found within the necks and the shoulder blades. Not only do they have less subcutaneous fat, large vessels also pass by these areas, therefore require extra heat in order to maintain the temperature. Infants have an immature thermoregulation system, meaning requiring extra time to adapt to the environment temperature or regulate their own body temperature comparing to adults. Therefore, infants have more BAT in order to produce sufficient heat and energy.

Photo retrieved: Precision Nutrition (

According to the photo above, parts that have the most BAT are the easiest to produce and reduce heat, this includes areas such as the neck, back, and shoulder blades, which are the areas that are mostly covered by the pram liner. When it becomes too hot, babies won’t be able to stay and sit still as they may feel uncomfortable. However, this doesn’t mean icy “cooling mats” are needed to decrease the temperature. Otherwise, the body will create even more heat to maintain the body temperature, and that’s even worse!

Comparing price, pros and cons of different material cooling mats:

TypeStraw/bamboo matMahjong-shape matWater cooling mat3D cooling mat
MaterialStraw/ bambooBambooCold gel, water covered by polyester.Polyester
ProsLight and easy to fold.Breathable natural material for cooling down.Instant cool down.-Breathable, and heat radiating.- Washable.
Cons– Easy to break or deform.- No temperature regulating function.- Odor smell after sweating.- Unable to wash.– Heavy, hard in texture.- No temperature regulating function.- Does not absorb sweat.- Might clip hair, flesh accidentally. – Not suitable in winter.– Heavy.- Leaks easily.- Surface traps heat easily.- Not suitable in winter.– Rough surface.- Flattens after long-term usage.- Breathable yet not temperature regulating. 

The purpose of promoting a car pram liner

Pram liner makes the experience more comfortable for babies, as you can remove it easily when it’s dirty without removing the entire pram or the car seat. The main purpose is to regulate the temperature. Mats that are mainly used for ‘cooling’ purposes aren’t suitable to use in the cold days, therefore it is recommend to utilize temperature balance pram liners as it’s cozy and handy to use throughout any season. Moreover, it adjusts its temperature by adjusting to the baby’s body temperature.

Buying tips

When searching for a pram liner, what are the aspects you should take into consideration excluding the price?

  1. Are there straps included in order to prevent movement?
    Don’t forget this important detail when you’re shopping. Straps are adjustable to fit all kinds of environment, prevent babies from moving, or even stop the whole mat from slipping under the seats when they are sitting!
  2. Material
    Different consumers have their own preferences depending on the material and the price. What is the most important is the one who will be using the product, which is your baby. At this early point in their lives, they are unable to speak and are unable to express their own positive and negative opinions based on their experiences. Therefore, before you buy the product, it is recommended to please experience the product by touching and even perhaps trying it on yourself.
  3. Washable or not?
    The liner can easily be stained by the babies’ defecation or sweat, hence it needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent breeding bacteria, as well as maintaining the hygiene of the car seat or the pram itself.

It is also important to consider whether the liner can be washed or put in the washing machine. These considerations are also important for the sake of their hygiene.

Mamaway Universal Pram Liner Selling Points

Along with the materials and buying tips, we seek balance between being comfortable, functional, and suitable for all seasons when Mamaway was designing the pram liner. We then came up with 2 universal pram liners that are distinctive to existing products, as they both have temperature regulating features. How did we make it, and what are the differences between these 2 products?

NASA Certified Temp. Balance 3D Shock Proof Universal Pram Liner

With Outlast temperature regulating material and 3D shockproof cotton, this pram liner is breathable, comfy, and does not trap any excessive heat. All of which that helps balance the temperature of the baby’s back, they sweat less and decrease the chances of any rashes.

Outlast temperature regulating material was made using the latest space technology to prevent temperature loss in astronauts for NASA. It is also the main material used for Mamaway anti-kick vest and 4-season blanket.

The video below demonstrates the amazing features of the Outlast temperature regulating material:

To break it down:

When the temperature increases, the material absorbs the heat and turns into a liquid substance.

  • Your body starts to feel cool and fresh.
    When the temperature decreases, the material releases the heat and become solid.
  • Your body starts to feel cool and warm.
    The ‘nano microcapsule’ covering abilities enables the material to incorporate into fiber, which is then woven into temperature regulating products. The best part of the liner is it will release and absorb the heat according to the external temperature, allowing you the freedom to use it all day, every day! It gives the best price-performance ratio out of all of the products!

Temp. Balance Antibacterial Universal Pram Liner (creamy white)

This Mamaway spring & summer new in the product is different from our NASA Certified Temp. Balance 3D Shock Proof Universal Pram Liner:

  • We selected Tencel as the cover material, as it is soft and breathable.
  • The inner layer has extra medical grade hypoallergenic foam (the same material for toddler pillow, mattress, and moon pillow).
  • Medical grade 4 zinc oxide (Smartcel sensitive) added, it is Antibacterial, anti-odor and anti-allergy.

These 2 universal pram liners are made with different materials, have different thickness and come in various colors. Optimum Temp. Air Cushion Car Seat & Pram Liner has ‘Mamaway’ printed on the surface, while Temp. Balance Antibacterial Universal Pram Liner includes a crown logo, and the price is higher. So, the question is, which one should you pick? We recommend you to firstly consider the baby’s skin type, where you live, and your desired budget!


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