Vaginal Birth Versus C-Section Pros and Cons

You may notice an increase of discharge in early pregnancy due to hormone changes. Also, it is an early sign when you are expecting. Discharge is normal throughout your nine-month pregnancy, but it may vary in color, amount and thickness.

Is my discharge normal?

Normal discharge, also known as leukorrhea is thin, clear and mild-smelling. It is similar with vaginal discharge between periods, but it is heavier. Pregnancy discharge plays an important role to get rid of dead cells in vagina and reduce the risk of infection and maintain the healthy-balance bacteria environment in the vagina.

In late pregnancy, your discharge becomes heaviest and contains pink mucus, which is thick and jelly-like. This is called a “show”, indicating that your body is preparing for labour. You may have a few “show” in the days before you go into labour.

When do I need to take note and seek a doctor?

When you find your discharge is lumpy and thicker, it may be a sign of infection. The most common infection is yeast infection. You may have symptoms like itching, burning, and painful urination. If you notice your discharge in brown or pink color or in strange smell in early pregnancy, it could be a sign of implantation bleeding. Tell your doctor if you think you have an infection.

Moreover, green or yellow vaginal discharge is not healthy and regarded as abnormal discharge. You probably get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. Since the diseases are silent and have no symptoms, get a test for STDs during pregnancy. These diseases may make your pregnancy complicated. Seek medical care as soon as possible to protect you and your developing baby.

Do I need to change my underwear?

To maintain your vaginal health, changing your underwear frequently is essential. Your pre-pregnancy underwears may dig into your thigh and become tighter to your growing bump.  It’s time to change your underwear. Picking breathable and antibacterial cotton panties is vital to support your belly well and for additional protection during pregnancy and postnatal care.

Tips to do about discharge

Keep your genitals clean and dry always to prevent vaginal infections especially after bathing and urination. Besides changing your underwear frequently, you can wear pads or panty liners which absorb heavy discharge well. Avoid using tampons which can lead to infections.

In a nutshell, vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal, but you should take note if it is with strong odors and unhealthy colors such as yellow or green. Bear in mind to pick right underwear and change it frequently to maintain hygiene. Seek a doctor immediately if you have spotting or vaginal bleeding.


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