Can you eat barley when you’re pregnant?

The weather is hot, you just want to grab a cool barley drink but your mum is nagging you never to have barley with a baby or you might experience pregnancy loss…… 

That leaves you wondering, why? You’re tempted to take another sip, but “pregnancy loss” made you real worried. 

What did the doctors say?

According to the traditional Chinese medicine perspective, barley can help to reduce body water retention and improve skin whitening. However, if you constantly eat a large amount of cooked barley the chances of pregnancy loss rise. 

This statement is supported by research, barley was found to increase the chances of uterine smooth muscle contraction which poses a risk to miscarriage.

What should I do?

The key is not to eat a large amount of barley, and if you have any doubts, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy, you should probably consult your doctor or simply avoid eating barley. 

Door Closed but Window’s Open

Good news to barley lovers: barley is able to boost your breastmilk supply! Hooray breastfeeding mums! Stop your barley craving a few months, and enjoy it afterwards. 


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