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Improved Sleep Suit

Smart Temperature-regulating Fabric

The phase-changing materials, developed for NASA spacesuits, can actively regulate the baby's skin temperature, keeping baby the perfect temperature all night, not too hot or too cold.

The invention of temperature-regulating fibers was aimed at protecting astronauts from the harm of sudden temperature changes in extreme climates, known for its proactive and stabilizing effectiveness. Since the temperature regulation system in newborns is still developing, coupled with the rapid changes in natural climate, wearing a temperature-regulating sleep suit can create a comfortable environment, reducing the risk of overheating, sweating, and catching a cold.

Improved Sleep Suit
A natural cellulose fiber with an integrated phase change material (PCM) that proactively draw-out excess heat and moisture.
Improved Sleep Suit

100% natural

Made from natural wood pulp fibers, the added temperature-regulating substance, paraffin, is plant-derived, completely natural.

Humidity Regulation

Typically, synthetic fibers cannot absorb moisture, while pure cotton is prone to dampness. By incorporating Lyocell regenerated cellulose fibers, it possesses ideal humidity regulation characteristics, ensuring comfort regardless of humid or dry weather conditions.

Improved Sleep Suit

Temperature Balance

Absorb excessive heat from the body or environment, accumulate it and release it under certain conditions. This allows, for instance, temperature regulation that gives the user of the textiles an extraordinary wearing comfort and an excellent microclimate.

Astronaut’s Secret
To Stay Temp. Balanced

NASA spacesuits and Mamaway sleepsuit share the same technology

End Nights Sweat For Good!

Improved Sleep Suit
Improved Sleep Suit
Improved Sleep Suit
Improved Sleep Suit

Pneumococcus, Staphylococcus aureus
Actual tests confirm effective antibacterial efficacy up to 95%-99.90%

Bacteria strain antibacterial efficacy (A) comment
Staphylococcus aureus 5.7 strong 95.0-99.9%
Pneumococcus 6.0 strong 100 - 99.9%
*Value: A < 2 = weak; 2 ≤ A < 3 = significant; A ≥ 3 = strong
Improved Sleep Suit

Permanent Antibacterial

Traditional sleepsuits filled with cotton pads lack antibacterial properties and are prone to bacterial growth or mold after extended use due to damp weather, milk spills, and sweating.

By using medical-grade level four zinc oxide from Germany (edible), compliant with international medical regulations such as DAB 10, it provides long-lasting antibacterial effects that do not decrease with the number of washes.

Improved Sleep Suit
Global Safety Standard
Passed Oeko-Tex standard 100 class 1 toxicity tests, no harmful chemicals.
Improved Sleep Suit
Zinc oxide antibacterial
Improved Sleep Suit
Cell Solution® CLIMA smart temperature regulating


Traditional sleep suit VS Mamaway sleep suit

Improved Sleep Suit Improved Sleep Suit Must be disinfected under the sun
Improved Sleep Suit Improved Sleep Suit With zinc oxide antibacterial fabric, no need to expose to sunlight
Improved Sleep Suit Improved Sleep Suit Continuous heating leading to excessive sweating
Improved Sleep Suit Improved Sleep Suit Quickly reaches the optimal temperature
Improved Sleep Suit
Prone to pilling and breakage during machine washing
Improved Sleep Suit
No pilling after machine wash

Lightweight Optimum Temp. Sleep Suit

  • 100% cotton, breathable and keep warm
  • Filling: 50g/cm2

Suitable Temperature: 21-27 °c
Suitable for infants up to 95 cm

Loose pant legs, split-leg design; as the baby's temperature regulation is not yet mature, sweating is facilitated through the soles of the feet, and it fits well for babies with chubby legs.