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About Us


Mamaway, a great leap of Motherhood

Mamaway is a company that pursues excellence. In addition to developing and selling reasonable commodities, we also provide the most basic education and practical operation starting from "holding a child", which is to let you know the needs of you and your baby at different stages and how to effectively meet these needs!

Are maternal and infant products only different in shape and pattern? It is not! ! There are many traps hidden in mother and infant products because people in need use them less frequently and for a short time, so they cannot accumulate experience and are difficult to distinguish good from bad. For example, the design of the breast pump is unreasonable. You do not doubt that it is the problem of the machine. You just think that you do not have breast milk.

Not to mention baby products. In addition to what can be distinguished by eyes, such as the breathability of diapers, etc., other sensitive products make the baby's discomfort even more difficult to say! Besides new parents generally do not know about babies and lack knowledge of pregnancy, breastfeeding and nursing, resulting in a lot of suffering during this period, even helpless to suffer from postpartum depression!

Since they couldn't solve the problem effectively, they spent a lot of money in vain, repeatedly bought the wrong goods, and lamented that parenting was too expensive! For example:

  • The baby cried for no reason all night, and the mother collapsed and suffered from insomnia...
  • Breastfeeding did not go well at first, couldn’t squeeze out enough amount with sore hands and black and green breasts...
  • With broken nipples, and insufficient breast milk, end up drinking expensive formula milk
  • It took less than 10 minutes to get backache with baby carriers/slings, and Daddy was so miserable...
  • The postpartum belly band was either not elastic and cannot be tied, or it was too elastic and had no effect at all...

Don't be nervous when you see these. There are standard answers to the above questions that everyone will encounter! Before carefully welcoming the new stage and starting shopping, you need to build knowledge first! Knowledge can help you save money, breastfeed successfully, recover your body, resist depression, take good care of children, and make your wife happy and families harmonious!

Mamaway not only wants you to take things home, but also cares about whether these products solve your problems, make you happy to raise children, and regain your confidence!