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Mamaway Finnish Baby BoxMamaway Finnish Baby Box
Mamaway Finnish Baby Box

Mamaway Finnish Baby Box
A Gift for Pregnant Mums

Redeem your finnish baby box now with buku pink. While stock last.


Being a gift from Finnish government to Kate Middleton & Prince William, it is a tradition that dates back to the 1930s while expectant mothers from Finland have been given a baby box by the state with a maternity package in it. Finland is now one of the countries with the world’s lowest infant mortality rate.

Mamaway Finnish Baby Box
Mamaway Finnish Baby Box


Isolating from any danger, baby can rest safely in the box while parents are busy, giving mothers a peace of mind. You will find the baby box a good place for nap as it is compact enough to provide a sense of security. You will be amazed by how a newborn is fit in and feel comfort inside this little box.

Antibacterial Finnish
Baby Box Mattress

- Made of Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Foam
- Breathable, Airflow, Absorption
- Plasticiser and Preservative free
- Dermatologically tested and is REACH 181 EU Compliant

Mamaway Finnish Baby Box
Mamaway Finnish Baby Box


The baby box allows mobile parenting and multitasking without having your baby ever leaving your sight.

Mamaway Finnish Baby Box


Finnish Baby Box has multiple functions, you can also use it as a playpen or even a storage box when the baby no longer requires it.

*Items in the box for illustration only.

Mamaway Finnish Baby Box

How To Redeem?

- Only pregnant mothers with antenatal card/ buku pink are eligible to register for baby box.
- Only one Baby Box per antenatal card/ buku pink.
- Register member Here
- Join Mamaway whatsapp.


Mamaway Malaysia reserves the right to modify this campaign at any time without prior notice.


  1. Where can I redeem the free baby box?
    You may redeem at our store:
    - Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru
    - IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
    - Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur
  2. Do I need to purchase anything before redeeming the baby box?
    No purchase is needed to redeem the baby box.
  3. Can anyone help me to redeem the baby box?
    Only pregnant mums can redeem the baby box, please bring your identity card and antenatal card/ pink book/ prenatal appointment card.
  4. Can I redeem 2 baby boxes if I am pregnant with twins?
    Apologize we provide one baby box per antenatal card/ pink book/ prenatal appointment card.
  5. Can I just purchase the baby box?
    Yes, if you are pregnant with twins, you may redeem 1 baby box and purchase another 1 for RM49.90.
  6. Can I redeem a new baby box when I am pregnant again?
    Yes, one baby box per one antenatal card/ pink book/ prenatal appointment card.